_02 Dog Boarding Kennel

Holiday Care

For 24,50 € per day your dog receives full care, lots of activities, contact with humans and fellow dogs, plenty of  exercise as well as basic care (fur, ears, eyes), two diversified meals per day and medication as required.
For 10 full  boarding days you receive one day free of charge.
For longer boarding periods of more than 30 days as well as for each additional dog from the same owner you receive a discount of 10%.

Day Care

Your dog can spend an exciting day with his friends in the dog group. This offer is only open to dogs amicable to other dogs and already known to me.
The price for this service is 20,00 €. The dog may visit the dog boarding kennel from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and receives 2 full meals if desired.
Please ask for a trial day beforehand in order to assess whether the dog will enjoy his time here.

Trial Day

For dogs which are new to me I offer a trial day. On this day we have the opportunity to get to know each other. After this day (no overnight stay) there is the possibility of a short consultation. In this way longer boarding periods in the future are made easier for your dog and for me.
The trial day is charged with 24,50 €.


The kennel consists of four comfortably furnished group rooms each with direct access to a yard, offering various areas for rest and activities. Additionally the dogs receive lots of exercise and animation on the large dog playground. 

Dog Playground

The dog playground is situated on an area of about 2000 m² with lots of trees and bushes. The whole range is securely fenced and offers ample playing opportunities for each dog. For all dogs fond of water there are various bathing places, an earth mound serves as invitation to climb and dig and the “Play Tower” offers many opportunities for adventure and a good spot for all who like to see the world from above. Furthermore all dogs receive an appropriate animation and have the freedom to run free and explore the range.
A place where everything a dog wishes for comes true.


The dogs are usually fed two times per day. At mealtimes I pay special attention to older, younger and ill dogs. All dogs receive a meal of high quality dry food which is varied with additional canned food, rice, noodles, oil or vegetables. Each dog gets enough time and space to eat peacefully. Should your dog need special food you are of course free to bring it along. Times of medication are reliably observed and are included in the day price.